Book Review: An Independent Woman In Yugoslavia by Iris Novak


Iris Novak’s astounding memoir of her childhood, family, diverse job roles, survival, entrepreneurship, her success and failures, the independence of women and the importance of education. The writing is so engaging and true, the experience of reading this Memoir stays with me in an enriching way. A glowing masterpiece where you enter her world and it’s hard to leave. The author’s narrative style and character descriptions are amazing. The book throws light on the education system, religion, serious war situations and corporate culture in Slovenia. The way she adapts and adjusts to the situations and how she deals with criticisms throughout her life journey motivates the readers. You get to experience the portrayal of her many emotions while reading the book. The titles give you a hint on what to expect in each chapter. I loved her grandmother’s sign of love, bonding with her mom and technique of memorising laws by mind maps. The last chapter is heartwarming. Thoroughly loved reading this book. This honest and exceptional memoir will inspire all readers to follow their dreams.

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