Book Review: Interview with the Devil Part 1 (Victor’s Account) by Skylerr Darren

A frightening and thought-provoking take on society It is a gripping story which is an eye-opener to the evil around us in reality.The author's vivid description and his brilliant power of story-telling make the readers visualize the imagery events giving us goosebumps. It details the story of a young man named Victor who has suffered... Continue Reading →

Learnings from the Book: Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life by Gaur Gopal Das

Deep, profound lessons on how to live with purpose and balance, brought out through an entertaining storyline and interesting anecdotes. This light-hearted, conversational book called Life’s Amazing Secrets will help one strike the right balance between work, relationships, society, and spirituality. We are the authors of our own life stories. Challenges and difficulties may fall upon... Continue Reading →

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