Audiobook Review: Motivation On The Go by Priya Kumar

Inspiring Self-help book apt in all walks of life. You can download this book from the website: and listen to it wherever and whenever you are free. It is worth listening to. The author starts the session with a beautiful quote by Buddha. She gives insights on each concept with beautiful illustrations and provides... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Long Way Home by Mitali Meelan

A heart-touching family drama with a beautiful message. Well narrated and wonderfully written by engaging the readers to feel the right essence of emotions attached which helps us to know the story from each characters perspectives. Family attachments, heartbreaks, love, siblings relationship, responsibilities, courage, following your passion, overcoming your fears, how to be a person of... Continue Reading →

Memorable Diwali Celebrations

Deepavali The colors of Rangoli, And the sound of crackers. The gifts and sweets from dear ones, The light of the candles below, And the dazzling fireworks up above. Lighting lamps at our homes, Putting on new apparels, Show our friends some style. Paying respects to the gods, This is what the occasion is all... Continue Reading →

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