Book Review: Callisto 2.0 by Susan English

Mind-boggling Callisto 2.0, a feminist science fiction novel portrays a multicultural and diverse community of genuine, complex, quirky, brilliant, and powerful women, working towards something larger than themselves. Shambhala Space Station, 2097. Shy physicist Callisto never accepted conventional wisdom. So when she’s recruited to work on faster-than-light technology, she eagerly accepts the career opportunity at... Continue Reading →

Book Review: RESTORED by Marilyn Willis

Insightful "RESTORED" is a self-paced grief workbook with step by step principles towards deeper healing. This book will empower the readers to release the painful, energetic vibration of grief and step into the higher version of themselves. The author walks the reader through a well-outlined application of energy psychology, tapping into the body's ability to... Continue Reading →

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