Book Review: Daring Dazzling Divine by Sherry Brier

Uplifting Women Power A collection of personal experiences, journeys, interviews, and revelations about amazing women who said yes to life and dared to dive into her particular ocean of uncertainty with courage and determination. Discover the three steps to reinvent yourself and become the hero of your life. BE DARING! Come Alive With The Fire... Continue Reading →

Book Review: PPOD. by Narada Voux Sanders

Dark and thought-provoking An honest and mesmerising collection of poems. Enthralling poems are an eye-opener to the evil around us in reality. You will feel scared about the cruelties one has to face in life which have an effect on the mindset of the people and also depicts the true meaning of loss and pain.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: THE PVRITAN by Birgitte Märgen

Enthralling MINDHUNTER meets HANNIBAL LECTER in this brilliantly crafted serial killer thriller from Birgitte Märgen, the haunting new voice of horror and suspense. The dark and gritty story is set in Massachusetts during the transition of time between the 1600s and the present day. Each chapter begins with the Geneva Bible verses. The vivid narration... Continue Reading →

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