Book Review: Riders of Fire and Ice by Brett Salter

In this book, Rome and Julians embark on a perilous quest for Darkbrands and portals in England. The book is a page-turner, as you want to know more about what happens in their adventure. Although it can be read independently, you must read the first book if you want to know more about the characters'... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Prophet Paradox by Danny Tuttle

A well-narrated storyline with distinct character development that carries the reader along. The action, adventure and plot twists were always surprising. The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. You can find all the blend of emotions with attention to detail and the right analysis. The author’s vivid description creates imagery in the reader’s... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Merak by Sucharita Parija

A compilation of heartfelt poems and slices of life-filled emotions. The author's incredible poetry verses engage you and take you on a journey filled with deep and enlightening thoughts. Each poem is meticulously crafted. The title and cover of this book are amazing. It is an excellent read. Highly recommended!

Book Review: Missing Melody by Kyra Radcliff

The emotional rollercoaster journey of both Carina and Daniel makes you fall in love with them and will steal your heart. All the supporting characters are compelling and realistic. Exceptional storytelling and narration with a keen eye for detail connect you to the story. An exciting read with a heart-warming climax. I loved the author's... Continue Reading →

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