Book Review: An Unexpected Gift by Ajay K Pandey

Powerful and Masterpiece The author strikes again yet another Masterpiece with this book.The book starts with a wonderful quote. “A true hero is one who smiles through silent pain and fights battles nobody knows about.”Unique plot and well researched. Author stuns the readers by his storytelling skills which will make you feel connected to the... Continue Reading →

Book Review:Viral Parenting by Mindy Mcknight

Incredible and Must Read Rule book for all in this digital world. The Book is divided into 3 parts: Part – I LIFE THROUGH A SELFIE STICK: HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS TRANSFORMED PARENTING Part – II FAMILY AND HOME LIFE Part – III FRIENDSHIP AND COMMUNITY Well-narrated and organised writing. Informative, Relatable and Practical. It is... Continue Reading →

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