Book Review: Everything In Between by Valerie G Miller

A heartfelt collection of short stories about family, loss and love, and those special moments in between… This book is a collection of short stories told in a distinctive style with every story beautifully crafted. The writing is captivating, the characters are believable and the plot has so many twists and turns. Stories of ordinary... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wax & Gold by Sam McManus

An informative guide Sam McManus has compiled fifteen years' worth of adventure travel writing from Ethiopia, Japan, Bolivia, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Mongolia, Lebanon, Oman, and Costa Rica into this collection of stories, which revolve around a solo journey through the mountains of Ethiopia over three months. Considering the advantages, obstacles, and adversities one can encounter,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bariatu Tales by Kumar Kinshuk

Nostalgic Lively and entertaining novella. An open and honest account of his early life and essence of joint family, written full of wit and charm. An extremely immersive read. Well narrated the incidents, I could relate to them well. Interesting stories to keep these memories alive.

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