Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

An Inspirational memoir which gives you hope and positivity for your future. The book is divided into three parts - the chronological journey of Michelle Robinson from the apartment at Euclid to being First Lady of the United States at the White House. It is a powerful memoir where she shares her experiences which impacted... Continue Reading →

Book Review: HEALED by Manisha Koirala

Honest story by a true warrior woman. This book is a memoir and an insightful tale of a battle survivor beautifully told which makes you think and relevant to today's mindless living. It takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through her fears and struggles and how she eventually came out triumphant. Each chapter begins... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : Andhadhun

You'll be Constantly Surprised in this Murder Mystery. Very rarely does a movie shake you up to the core and leave you questioning the real motives of the protagonist. A dark black and white thriller with complementing performances and edgy storyline make Andhadhun a must-watch. Brilliant screenplay and masterfully crafted narrative by Director Sriram Raghavan.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Vacation

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas holidays are calling. A much-deserved vacation from monotonous routine life. As mentioned earlier in my previous post "Finally... London...", we planned to explore more places in London and Cardiff - Capital of Wales. Day 1: London - Dec 23, 2018 We boarded the train from Northampton and reached London Euston. We took the tube from... Continue Reading →

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