Book Review: The Secrets We Keep by Sudeep Nagarkar

Past helps you recollect the good times,Past will be ignored for Painful reasons,But Past will teach you to be stronger in the present. This is exactly what the book is about. How your past can have an effect on your present. Interesting story and easy read. The story is about intelligence officer undertakes the riskiest... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Interview with the Devil Part II (Lanza’s Account) by Skylerr Darren

Eccentric and Gripping Psychological Horror Interview with The Devil: Part 2: Lanza’s Account is the second part. The story is about Victor, a budding psychologist sent to interview a psychiatric patient, Lanza. Lanza’s character would disturb even the darkest of souls. The author’s vivid description and his brilliant power of story-telling make the readers visualize... Continue Reading →

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