On  Monday afternoon, I am taking rest and my little one sitting beside me happily playing with her toys. Giving me hugs and kisses as I am at home with her. My thought takes me back to few years when I was a working mom. When my daughter was 4 months old, I started working... Continue Reading →

She has to….

  Beautiful drawing by my daughter which everyone can relate to in their lives. Fathers always supporting their kids as they have little time to devote to after a hard day at work. They want to make their little princess wishes come true and she should be happy. Mothers devote all their time for their... Continue Reading →

Half Girlfriend – Movie Review

I have read this book in 2014. As I wanted to see the movie,  I thought of reading the book again as I couldn't recollect anything from the book. When I started to read, the story was dragging and each chapter is exaggerated. This story  takes place in 3 locations: Delhi- Bihar- USA. Movie has... Continue Reading →

Attitude of a Young Boy…

I am enjoying the cool breeze in the balcony amidst the relief from the heat as the sun sets in. I happened to see a group of boys in the age group of 10-15 years playing a game of football. I am excited to see the enthusiasm in them for the game. After about half... Continue Reading →

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