Book Review: The Billionaire’s Secret by Ravina Hilliard

A delightful combo of mystery and romance An engaging, entertaining, and heart-warming story with tricky situations and mastermind techniques. The author takes the readers on a roller coaster journey of love, heartbreak, revenge, pain, game plans, hidden secrets, misunderstandings, coincidences, and disappointments. Her vivid description of the characters gives a complete picture of how each... Continue Reading →

Book Review: An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliff

Entertaining Impressive writing with the right mix of emotions. The protagonist Katherine James portrayed as an Independent, determined, confident, and strong woman who has love for her brother closely matched by her devotion to her townspeople challenged to keep up with the deal of two contrasting personalities of Tate. I loved the first interaction between... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Immersed in West Africa by Terry Lister

Adventurous The author's dreams for traveling to places turning to reality for maximum enjoyment and experience. You can get the taste of the culture and history of the different places in West Africa through his eyes. He gives honest opinions and insights on the brief facts, captivating photos, discoveries, challenges, communication with local people, and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Trade In Tears by Samantha Shiye

Powerful  It's a contemporary, cross-genre crime thriller set in the South East of England. The story puts you into deep thoughts and also puzzles you.   Fast-paced read will make you feel intrigued. Intense and dreadful experiences give you goosebumps. Fantastic storytelling and wittily written. Introduction of new characters and surprise twists put you on edge... Continue Reading →

Book Review: All Hallows Eve by Michael Penning

Mesmerizing Impressive writing and narrative. The historical thriller set in Salem Village is exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. A heartwarming tale of a brave and loving mother’s frantic search for her daughter. Introduction to the characters with a surprising and striking background story. Curiosity creeps in and thrills you from the very first... Continue Reading →

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