Book Review: The Great And Mighty Benjamin Teller by Tracy Edward Wymer 

An uplifting story - guaranteed to warm your heart! Just the blurb drew me in. This book has it all … realistic characters, beautiful scene-setting, vivid descriptions and a flowing, nail-biting storyline. The plot is full of surprises, and you will be spellbound by its originality. A meticulous execution of Ben's wish list and the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: His Lucky Angel by Caroline Kribbs

Fantastic The book focuses on Grace Rogers, the shape- shifter and Ed Kelly, an outlaw with a mysterious past on a mission to capture the killer on the prowl. Entertaining storyline, great action, intense situations, and fabulous characters make reading this series well worth. Each chapter is well crafted and you would feel like reading... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Havoc by Paityn E Parque

The second book in the Engine Game series, a sequel to Madness. This book's prologue begins with the conclusion of the first series. Although glimpses of the first book have been included in the book, it is recommended that you read the first series to gain a better understanding of the character traits. The chapters... Continue Reading →

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