10 GOLDEN Steps of Life… VIKRMN

They are victorious… who dare not to give up:  Quit giving up. You face failure, not the moment you are defeated, but the moment you give up fighting. If you make a mistake, it’s ok. At least you tried. Fall a thousand times; get up a thousand and one. Quit thinking negative. If you fail, it’s fine. Sow... Continue Reading →


Beautiful lines contributed by my cousin who will be an aspiring poet in future... "The sun embraced by the clouds, uses the heavens as his canvas. And as he blots the skies orange and red, he marks the commencement of the Dusk." Within a short span, she brought out the creativity in her... Hats off... Continue Reading →

Summer Vacations…

Yippee... Summer vacations have begun... My entire body throbs with excitement - it is palpable as I resonate to that tune. It's been a long time since I last had these long vacations and it’ll be a welcome relief from my monotonous routine. My earlier summer vacations, as far back as my mind takes me,... Continue Reading →

Cumulus Clouds….

Those are cumulus clouds. Did you know that?" "I'm sure I should." "They're the best ones." "How come?" "Because they look the way clouds are supposed to look, the way you draw them when you're a kid. Which is nice, you know? I mean, the sun never looks the way you drew it.

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