Book Review: THE PVRITAN by Birgitte Märgen

Enthralling MINDHUNTER meets HANNIBAL LECTER in this brilliantly crafted serial killer thriller from Birgitte Märgen, the haunting new voice of horror and suspense. The dark and gritty story is set in Massachusetts during the transition of time between the 1600s and the present day. Each chapter begins with the Geneva Bible verses. The vivid narration... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Hidden Key by Sheldon Peart

A fast-paced crime mystery with interesting twists The story starts with a murder and then takes the readers on an adventurous gripping journey. The author's witty storytelling skills combined with an intense and nerve-racking plot. The events happening of each character run paralleled with a perfect blend. It completely holds your attention. As the story... Continue Reading →

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