Book Review: Shift Left by Roshan Shetty

Powerful and Uplifting Apt self-exploration book to bring happiness and calmness to your life by inviting you to find doorways to your soul. The book offers wisdom for powerful inner awareness with insightful quotes, and life experiences of eminent personalities. It puts our minds at ease by helping us to reflect on our lives being... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Real Principal by Sheldon Peart

Captivating An interesting young adult mystery book with a unique investigation style and admirable character development. Events unfold in such a manner, that if you have started reading the book, you can't put it down. The author stuns the readers with his impressive storytelling skills. The characters are lively, and the incidents are engrossing. Unraveling... Continue Reading →

Book Review: My Life In Plants by Katie Vaz

Amazing Book An enchanting book about the author's life experiences, precious memories, and her love for plants wonderfully woven together with interesting insights on flowers, herbs, houseplants, and gardening. Engaging and well narrated. Colorful and beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed reading this light-hearted book.

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