Book Review: Dakota And The American Dream by Sameer Garach

Fantastic and Entertaining When ten-year-old Dakota becomes bored sitting next to his mother on a park bench, he drifts off into a dream in which he follows a squirrel down a game of hopscotch until he finds himself in an urban fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The characters in the book linked to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart

Thought-Provoking Religious fiction dealing with Religious beliefs, Ten Commandments, Christians, and Bible verses. Brief chapters of five parallel stories on the life happenings of the characters from different walks of life - one representing the good and other representing the sins and their pathway to heaven. It teaches powerful and moral values to our life.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Beyond The Hill by Sheldon Peart

Spellbound The story begins with a man taking the blindfolded girl to a haunted house and cases of child abduction and killings throughout the country. As the story progresses, the introduction of new characters and tricky situations makes the plot more interesting. It takes the readers on a mysterious, adventurous, and nail-biting gripping journey. The... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Without Jenny by Mark Gunther

Powerful and Moving Everything was going perfect for Joy’s family when a mishap occurred. Her life came to stand still along with her daughter's loss. Family, Judaism, work, athletics--nothing will deliver what she wants the most: Jenny. Joy struggles to live a life of purpose and compassion while grief is tearing it apart. The lifetime... Continue Reading →

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