Book Review: She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome by Mark Tedesco

Breathtaking In this book, the author takes the readers to wander through the streets of Rome to explore the glories, hidden secrets and magic of the city. A book that speaks to the heart. Memorable and brilliantly crafted in an easy to understand format. His writing indulges you with the eternal beauty of the city.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crink by Norman Lowson

This book is a great historical fiction with an interesting storyline - one which skirts the edges of civil war battles, but which keeps you very involved in the strategy and major players in the timeframe. There are historical notes to explain terms, the background of people and historical events used in the story. The... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sitting On A Pin by Barry Rose

The book ‘Sitting on a Pin’ is a musical memoir by Barry Rose internationally known as one of the leading choir trainers and organists on how he followed his passion for the love of music. Phenomenal storyteller and honesty shine through the book. Well written with beautiful words, insightful, simple to understand and leave a... Continue Reading →

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