Book Review: Those Girls: A Tale of Perspectives by Ashwini Shenoy

Masterpiece Those Girls: A Tale of Perspectives is a story revolving around three sisters, whose lives are scarred by the demons of their past and the reality of their birth. It speaks of their dreams, ambitions and the sheer desire to break the shackles that society has tied them to. A gripping short story well-narrated... Continue Reading →

Book Review: SIDELINED by Susan Salenger

A must-read This book is an incredibly valuable resource and an eye-opener to all women into the unique challenges women face as they handle their healthcare. Well-researched and elaborately discussed the conflicts between energy and thoughtfulness women put into their healthcare and the amount of regret they expressed. It also includes personal experiences, statistics, history,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: INACTION by Jinny Uppal

This book is about the value of taking a thoughtful pause leading to better and faster results than barreling down the mindless action path. It is a Self Help Book which has divided into four parts - to explore how ambition, aspiration, and even self-awareness create progress, as well as the tendency of chasing action,... Continue Reading →

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