Movie Review: Aladdin

Aladdin (2019) Magical, entertaining and fun! Went to see Aladdin and I couldn't have loved it more. The music and the costumes are breathtaking.Visually spectacular scenes.A classic story exquisitely made with an immensely talented cast. Who steals the show ? None other than The Genie, Will Smith. He sings , dances and cracks jokes -... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Kalkatta Chronicles by Supriya Newar

Incredible This Book was recommended by my friend. Worth reading.Story set in Kolkata, City of Joy. Well narrated with humor and keen observation.The stories are all too familiar and made me nostalgic. It makes you cherish our childhood memories unlike today's digital world and takes the readers on a beautiful journey in the past which is real... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Side Job by Don Lubov

Perfect Story of a Bold Woman and her Side Job. Maggie's life changes after an incident at her college and the circumstances which led her to the side job. The Story is set in Las Vegas.Emotions of a woman as a mother and her struggles are beautifully portrayed.The author gives us vivid details of the characters... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Closet of Lies by Samruddhi Chandak

Full On... Must Read...Fabulous Mystery Story Riddhi receives strange letters and gets caught in the game of the sender. Letters have a deeper meaning. The first letter addressed for her, stick-on notes as clue or threat and the main letters predicted a few things that would eventually turn out to be true.Interesting and easy read.Unique characterisation.... Continue Reading →

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