Absolute MasterpieceDelightful read offering the readers thought-provoking and inspiring lessons by decoding the ancient epics with a fascinatingly modern outlook for a meaningful life.The concepts discussed in the book are explained in simpler terms and interpretations of favorite stories by a lovable cast of fictional characters who you’ll enjoy getting to know.The learnings from the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: An Indelible Day by Cairo Marques

An Unusual story with Profound life lessons. Amazing short story. The emotions of the protagonist are well portrayed. I loved the unique plot with a cliffhanger climax. The author’s storytelling indulges you, relatable, and leaves you thinking. The Short story is divided into three parts - Jane, The Session, and The Encounter. This story demonstrates... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Twelve by Poornima Manco

Roller-coaster Twelve is a collection of twelve soul-searing short stories from around the world. The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. You can find all the blend of emotions in a relationship with attention to detail and the right analysis. The magic of her writing is commendable. Well narrated. The Plot explores the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The 12 Commandments of being a Woman

Hilarious and Fantastic A fascinating and honest memoir that would definitely touch the readers. Delightfully witty, quick read, and relatable. The author shares her life experiences by formulating the 12 commandments for being a woman with inspiring quotes. Every chapter beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is a refreshing page-turner that will... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

Unpredictable  A young janitor working at an insane asylum is saved from suicide when one of the residents welcomes him to the secret and massive game of Cryptofauna. The bizarre competition of worldwide influence might give the blue custodian a reason to live if he can survive the deadly trials that await. Their investigations, strategies,... Continue Reading →

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