Book Review: Diary Of An Angry Young Man by Rishi Vohra

Diary of an Angry Young Man inspired by true events explores the complex layers of humanity set in Bombay in 1992 and Mumbai in 2012. The story flows flawlessly. The issues addressed in the book are prevailing and practical. The musings of the city and the emerging underbelly of Colaba are beautifully depicted. This book... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lead Like A Pro by Dr Matthew Raidbard

Uplifting A well researched and well-written book that provides coaches with the tools necessary to be effective leaders and guide their athletes and teams to success. This book is highly recommended for people in groups for coaching sessions or even individuals willing to undergo a self-realization phase. Personal experiences, examples, strategies, and reflections shared by... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Madness by Paityn E Parque

Masterpiece A Mind blogging dark fantasy novel with an intense and melting climax. The author’s best imaginative skills keep the readers anxious while slowly revealing the world of the deadly game. The chapters are delightfully packed with mystery and action. A definite page-turner with interesting character development. All about the deadly game is clearly explained... Continue Reading →

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