Completed 200😇

Just received the notification that  I have reached my 200th blog post after almost two years of blogging. I want to thank all my readers for both positive and constructive criticism, sharing your views, and for taking your time off in spite of busy schedules to read my blogs.  

A Day Trip to Liverpool

Seems like all my trips start on a rainy morning. On our way to Metrolink, colorful rainbow gave us a warm welcome. We set off for Liverpool. We took a tram from Altrincham to Manchester Victoria. The train got delayed and was canceled. We were asked to board the next train to Liverpool by the train... Continue Reading →


Learn to trust. Learn to love. Learn to forgive. Learn to listen. Learn to learn. Learn to dream. Learn to dare. Learn to wonder. Learn to write. Learn to inspire. Learn to change. Learn to stand tall. Learn to teach. Learn to be loyal. Learn to laugh. Smart people love learning...

To My Soul Sister

In a faraway land, I met you as a stranger for the first time. Frequent visits to your home in the evening enlightened my soul. Long walks by the riverside with you were awesome and made me energetic. The stories we shared, the jokes we laughed on and the special moments we had together are... Continue Reading →


  The moon teaches us that darkness can’t hide the beauty of life if we know how to reflect beauty...🌝

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