Book Review: The Women In Me by Nancy Maloney-Mercado and Jackie O’Donnell

Heartwarming memoir

A collection of personal experiences, journeys, learnings and reflections from her amazing influencers — her mother, grandmother, and two aunts. who offered help, taught her coping skills, or helped her decide which path to take as she walked into her future. This book motivates the readers to break out from their fears to shine. Even the little things mentioned in the book can change your perspective of your everyday life—a beautifully illustrated book cover.

In this book, each chapter starts with meaningful quotes, timeless wisdom with practical strategies to approach life and significant relevance to the challenges we all face today. Well narrated, engaging, and embark on a journey to transform the way we see ourselves. These diverse life experiences are appealing with quotable quotes. With an insightful choice of words, the author writes from the heart. Nancy brings you along on her journey of accepting and embracing the new world. Her writing makes you feel her grief and her pain. Through uplifting insights gained from overcoming her struggles, with grace and faith in God, she shows that anyone can overcome and better their lives.

The writing is captivating and realistic. A fast-paced read that grips the readers with all the emotions. Inspiring words of wisdom on how to deal with life to crave one’s path motivates the readers. This book empowers women to be themselves and guides them towards recognizing their power, focusing on the importance of relationships in life.

A series of excellent small experiences woven together philosophically.

We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other.

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