Book Review: Those Girls: A Tale of Perspectives by Ashwini Shenoy


Those Girls: A Tale of Perspectives is a story revolving around three sisters, whose lives are scarred by the demons of their past and the reality of their birth. It speaks of their dreams, ambitions and the sheer desire to break the shackles that society has tied them to.

A gripping short story well-narrated exploring in-depth the life and emotions of three sisters – Artist, Pioneer and Fighter who are strong-minded despite their struggles. How the story unfolds is extraordinary.

Heart-touching. The author describes the prevailing life situations that a woman goes through in her life in reality and how society does expect women to conform to certain norms.

The story speaks of how every story has many faces, many dimensions and how sinfully wrong it is to judge someone by knowing only one facet of their story. I love the way the characters are portrayed and the plot is finely crafted.

The way the author expresses the story will leave readers speechless. Worth a read.

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