Book Review: Roses Are Blood Red by Novoneel Chakraborthy

Rare Eternal Love

Psychological romantic thriller.

The Story is about the true love between Vanav Thakur and Aarisha Shergill in the memories of time.

A unique gripping story that gives insights on unconditional love, real friendship, insecurities, marriage, gender roles, social issues, loneliness, pain, guilt, trust, the power of silence and the difference between a bond and a relationship.

A soul-searing story with hidden truths, mystery, unexpected surprises and twists.

Wonderfully narrated what true love is by striking the chord with right amount of emotions and exploring in-depth the relationship between the loved ones.

It is divided into 3 parts.

Book I : Clueless on what is happening in the present with the characters with lot of questions arising in our minds while we read.

Book II: Discover what happened in the past which affected the present.⁣

Book III: Enquiries, Analysis and Investigations to find out the hidden truth and the Revelations which provides answers to all our questions.

Intense Plot gives you goosebumps to know their darker secrets and touching climax.

Technical aspects are well researched. The magic of his writing is commendable.

I loved the epilogues in the end which vividly describes the each person’s emotions.

Loved these lines from the book:

  • The perils of adulting, she always told herself, whereby one starts believing that one’s immediate priorities are the only important things in life.
  • How we belong to people, and people belong to us, can’t always be defined.
  • Love is the simultaneous infliction of pain and the invasion of the divine fragrance. And it is entirely your choice which aspect you focus upon: the thorn or the blossom.
  • Moments are life’s building blocks. And if you spend every moment with the one you love, life seems complete, fulfilling.

It’s a story that’ll stay with you..

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