Book Review: Let Her Play by Aaron Velky

Let Her Play is a handbook for parents, coaches, and gym instructors to help unlock the potential through real learning, wisdom, and serenity to these young women. Living in a world where women’s sports are not viewed as competitive as men’s forces them to work harder.

This book allows the young players to become the versions of themselves they didn’t even realize were possible. A guide and recipe to develop skills, mindset, and appetite to learn from the failures and grow.

Success is won by fierce grit and determination. Evaluation and feedback are critical to success in any field. Creating a proper mindset and deeper learning for the athletes.

Stories, personal experiences, strategies, recommended websites and reflections shared by the author Aaron Velky are awe-inspiring and motivating at all walks of life. It throws light on the challenges faced by young girls in the practical world. Incredible quotes mentioned and also the perspectives are taken into account from the point of view of the coach, young player and the parent gives the readers a feel of what the truth is.

The most important fundamental action as adults supporting young daughters is to help them navigate the process of deciding what should occur next. Sports are not always winning and losing. It is the participation that matters and being the best version of yourselves by overcoming the obstacles. Parent’s focus should not be to track your daughter’s stats instead of enjoying the marvel of watching your child work and enjoy a game, and the single most important thing she wants from you is love and psychological safety.

A fascinating read with a refreshing and positive outlook which is best for their overall development beating the odds. Building a way for the youth. Loved the Ellen Sandster approach in distinguishing between hazards as a negative component and risks as a positive component, and building a child’s risk management and perception skills.

Being an athlete introduces you to things you surely encounter in life – loss, failure, pain, injury, creativity, self- regulation and many other structures are commonplace through the flow of life. Admit the flaws, debate the truths, and combat the weakness. The advantage of having open conversations, providing love, support, and non-judgment, and how they see their world which are the essential things that shape young girls.

Positive encouragement crafts the powerful minds of young athletes. Let her shine.

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