Book Review: About A Woman by Audree Nack

Intense and heartbreaking

“About a Woman” is a powerful story written for survivors by a survivor.

A woman, after being abused emotionally and physically by her boyfriend, finally finds the strength to leave him and starts healing. But when she finally restart living he comes back and kidnaps her…

A frightening and thought-provoking book about toxic relationships. It also portrays the traumatic experiences, insecurities, and the pitiful situations faced by the victim.

It is a gripping story that is an eye-opener to the evil around us in reality. You will feel scared about the cruelties one has to face in life which have an effect on the mindset of the people and also depicts the true meaning of loss and pain.

Violent and gruesome scenes will come back to haunt you even after you read it. It could happen to anyone in real life.


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