Book Review: Letters to My Ex by Nikita Singh



A Journey of heartbreak and reconciliation…

The book revolves around Nidhi and Abhya. Nidhi who broke her engagement with Abhay writes letters to her EX. Their love for years was finished when Nidhi called off her engagement. Nidhi uses writing therapy to pour out her feelings in form of letters. As she goes back to the pages and read what she has written, it helps to clarify things.

Author has beautifully portrayed the feelings of Nidhi in heartbreak. It takes the readers to the incidents and memories in her life: their first meet, family against their marriage, tinder, trust, promises to hold, and how do they reconcile.

It takes on a journey to how depth love is, what are their feelings for each other, their comfortability to converse everything under the sun, and how they find the one with whom they will live for their lifetime.
An easy read, I loved the narration. I like the simplicity with which the plot and character have been created by the author.
Letters to My Ex had too many emotions, You feel them too

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