Hichki: Fab movie with a positive and inspiring story


HICHKI is a story of a compassionate teacher with Tourette Syndrome. It throws light on how an extraordinary teacher can bring out the true potential of a bunch of unruly students.

Brilliantly Scripted, Sensitively Portrayed. The Movie is yet light-hearted and a must watch for all age groups. Best performance by Rani Mukerji and supporting actors have beautifully portrayed their characters. The students have done a fabulous job.

Hichki is about the positive attitude of turning one’s weakness into a strength and taking on challenges head-on. The movie carries an important message – anyone can rise above their humble background and succeed in life through the power of education.

Life Lessons from the movie:

  1. Pursue your passion without fear. Disorders can make your body functionality weak but it has nothing to do with your dreams.
  2. Once you know your goal, proceed and succeed in your own way. You’ll definitely have problems but you’ll overcome it only if you love your work.
  3. Every person is different and everyone can reach their full potential if they are treated with love and acceptance. A successful teacher is one who is accepting and understands every student’s worth.
  4. Rejections are not the end of life. They prepare us to strive better and work towards a bigger goal in life, with more conviction.
  5. Sometimes it is during difficult times in our lives that we realize what our strengths are.
  6. Kids are like wet clay, you can actually transform them into anything by showing them the right direction.
  7. It’s never too late to start afresh in life.
  8. Never underestimate the power of hard work and will to achieve.
  9. Don’t ever let nastiness of the world around you change the core of your own heart.


Quotes from the movie:

“There are no bad children, only bad teachers.”

“An ordinary teacher teaches … a good teacher explains … a very good teacher shows an example by doing himself … but there are some teachers who inspire us for the entire life…”

“When life takes an exam beyond school premises … then it doesn’t do that based on a subject…”


This is ultimately a film about Naina—her students, her solutions, her journey, her hichkis. Fab movie with a positive and inspiring story…

Believe in your dreams, spread your wings and soar high. One should never stop trying, no matter what. You may fall many times, but get up, get set and go!



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