Book Review: vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget by Jazalyn

Various viruses expose pasts, secrets, thoughts, crimes and the true reality and cause madness. Who is guilty? Who is innocent?

This anthology is a post-apocalyptic techno-thriller with a great diversity of genres.

In the premise, the author speaks about 3 viruses – one threatening to change everything, the second to erase the memories and the third in the scope of saving the new generation.

It’s so difficult to express in words what the ongoing changes, trauma and rollercoaster of emotions that the pandemic has brought to us all – yet this amazing anthology, does this perfectly!

The author has created a range of emotive and powerful poetry, presented in different styles, that give the perfect rhythm, tone, expression and figurative language, to capture a range of experiences and crucial themes. Her imaginative narration captivates the readers.

I loved the poetry ‘Viral Code’, ‘Behavior Change (Alter The DNA)’ and ‘Apocalypse Revolution’ which are so beautifully written and I can also relate to this feeling more recently too.

A soul-enhancing book.

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