Book Review: An Unexpected Gift by Ajay K Pandey

Powerful and Masterpiece

The author strikes again yet another Masterpiece with this book.
The book starts with a wonderful quote. “A true hero is one who smiles through silent pain and fights battles nobody knows about.”
Unique plot and well researched. Author stuns the readers by his storytelling skills which will make you feel connected to the book. You cannot just put it down once you start reading.
Magnificent Story about a transgender woman Sheetal and her struggles to fit into the society. This book changes your perspective about the transgender.
Brilliant Narration. The emotions of all characters are beautifully portrayed.
Appreciate the way how minute details are explained in the simplest form.
The book focuses on unconditional love, Father-son relationship, sacrificing dreams, the innocence of a child, friendship, and single parenting.
I loved the smooth transition from the memories of the past to the present, separate chapters of Sheetal speaks and Father speaks to know both sides of the story better, the negative impact of television and newspapers, a lucky black shirt which resembles success and author’s cameo.
The Climax is Heart-Touching and the unexpected gift will leave you speechless.
Every human being deserves respect.

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