Book Review: The Best Couple Ever by Novoneel Chakraborty


Perfect Creepy Thriller Story

The story is divided into two parts with dark plots and twists:

Book 1:            The Couples

Book 2:            The Best Couple Ever

Book 1:    About the 3 couples, their family background, and how they are in their so-called happy life. A mystery couple enters into their lives and checkmates the couples against each other.

Book 2:   Gives answers to the questions in the reader’s mind: What is happiness? Is it something that can be destroyed so easily? How they unravel the mystery?

When I read the sample chapter before the book launch, it made me wonder what happens next and want to grab the book.

The book keeps us thinking whether the couples we meet in our lives are really happy or faking their smiles and how cyberworld has been affecting the people in reality, i.e., the use of  Social Media in a beneficial positive way rather than posting an imaginary than of reality.

Couple Talks in between the plot gives us vivid insights into what defines happiness and true love.

Each of the couple’s story converges at a point which keeps us engaging and a nail-biting experience.

I loved the epilogue which reveals who were the best couple ever.

A unique gripping story which involves the concept of independent women and their struggles in the society, live-in relationships, gender discrimination, and the influence of social media in the modern era.

Kudos to Author Novoneel Chakraborty for his brilliant storytelling for this Mystery fiction.



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