Book Review: The Magic Misfits The second story by Neil Patrick Harris


Amazing and yet another magical story of The Magic Misfits.

I have read the first book and was eagerly awaiting the second book to be released. I love the author’s sense of humor, liveliness, witty and unique way of presenting a story.

When one reads this book, it makes one feel that the author is almost talking to us.

There is a brief insight into the delightful characters of the Magic Misfits – Carter , Leila, Theo , Ridley , Izzy and olly, their expertise in the field of magic and what happened in the first part of this series. We can also learn about the art of magic tricks and also learn the tactics on how to perform them.

The story is on how Leila Vernon, adopted by Mr Vernons, has a secret regarding her past and thus her quest of finding who her real parents are.

Brace your seatbelts to experience the rollercoaster journey of magic, mystery, secrets, suspense, tricks, investigations, superstitious beliefs, trust, adventures, twists and turns in the plot, revealations , actions and last but not the least, a happy ending.

An excerpt from the book:

“A Story can be an escape from an ordinary life. A happy memory can be an escape from an unpleasant present. A game with friends is like an escape from boredom. And being part of a club is an escape from loneliness. The Magic Misfits know this firsthand, and now… so do you!”

Eagerly awaiting the next part to be released; to experience the journey of Magic Misfits again…






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