Book Review: The Lexicologist’s Handbook by Dane Cobain

The Lexicologist’s Handbook is a dictionary of the bizarre and the obscure, a collection of the interesting, atypical and idiosyncratic. You can use this book in many ways. You can look up entries alphabetically, dip in at random for a word of the day or flick through it for inspiration. The Lexicologist’s Handbook is self-referential.

A treasury of unusual and intriguing English words. This book is worth reading if you want to expand your vocabulary or just have fun with words in the English language. Each word has a pronunciation guide, including what part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) it is, the word definition, and the example sentences. Definitions and example sentences are clear, concise, and fundamental. Informative and entertaining.

As a collection, they represent the fruits of a lifetime of reading and will delight all word lovers. this book is a word lover’s dream and a valuable handbook for all. A book of beautiful words that will both educate and enchant…

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