Book Review: The Green-Wood Poet by Lancelot Schaubert

The Greenwood Poet spent two years spelunking the archive, grounds, and barrows of Greenwood Cemetery – America’s oldest and greatest rural cemetery. While there, he uncovered stories of love and loss, stories of shipwreck and tragedy. And he met several Fae creatures who had something to say about New York city. Written mostly in heroic meter with a couple breaks for spoken word and Renaissance meters, The Greenwood Poet calls us to return to the Arcadia in our own neighborhood.

The author has created a range of emotive and powerful poems in a variety of styles, that capture a variety of experiences and crucial themes using the right rhythm, tone, expression, and figurative language. Imaginative narration captures readers’ attention.

Each poem and line are well described. This allows you to interpret it in your way. The place, natural beauty, family, people, and architecture are all depicted excellently and authentically. Throughout this book, the author observes events in practical life situations. The poetic verses flow smoothly and with interest. Each of them has a charm and darkness of its own.

I loved the poetry” Glaciers and their Graves” “Union Called Him Captain Hook” “Elegy for a Star” and “Little Flowers” which are exquisitely penned.

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