Book Review: Animals We Are: Book Three: Predator, Prey by Valerie Brandy

An addictive plot you won’t be able to put down. This book begins with a wonderful poem by Zoe urging Logan to play a dangerous game. A keen eye for detail is evident in the author’s writing, making people, places, and nature come to life. Exhilarating past experiences, twisted puzzles, passphrases, insights into C.E.R.N., and local languages contribute to the magic of the mastermind game. Surprises are woven throughout the book. In the author’s creative narration, you will be captivated and kept on the edge of your seat. In case you haven’t read the first and second series of the book, the author gives a summary of what happened in the earlier book. For an in-depth understanding, I recommend you read the previous books.

It’s not what you experience in life, but what you do with it that makes you who you are.

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