Book Review: Another’s Son by Sylvia Waite

World War 1 is coming to an end, but a silent assassin is killing thousands across the world. However, in a windswept village in North Yorkshire, the impact of the First World War and the Spanish Flu pandemic is not stopping the farm from providing work and food for the community.

Two young people are overjoyed to catch up with each other again and rekindle their relationship now the war is ending.

But shell-shock and trauma take their toll . . . life-changing events will again pull apart the soldier and his girl. One will go on to flourish and make progress, whilst the other will live a life of fear and deception.

This book had much to offer, including a historical perspective and the devastating effects of the influenza pandemic. Throughout the entire novel, the plot retains historical settings and linguistics. The crisis of the Influenza pandemic and the distressing sight of the hospital scenes were well-described. The language used by the author is simplistic. The misfortunes and suffering of the families make you aware of reality. The author’s description of the town and farm scenes is excellent. The author has woven all of these fascinating aspects together to form an intriguing, entertaining and touching story that captivated me from start to finish. It is a testament to the power of the story and the author’s skill that I absolutely adored it. Reading this fantastic novel will make you feel like a part of the narrative and bring out its most significant aspects of it. Arthur and Olive’s perspectives are used to tell the story, showing how their lives evolve through time. When you least expect it, the revelations surprise you. It leaves you wondering what happened to them in the end.

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