Book Review: Screamcatcher: Sa’be Most Monstrous by Christy J. Breedlove

Wild, Twisty and Riveting!

This is the fourth book of the Scream Catcher series. Every Screamcatcher series is equally enjoyable and good.

Brilliant characters, fantastic plot and a superb read. The author has the ability to pique your interest and hold it throughout the book. I adore Jory Pike’s relationship with her grandfather Albert. Together with the team, you embark on an interesting adventure that revolves around Bigfoot. The narrative includes a detailed study of the game plans, tense situations, and techniques used by the team to overcome the barriers that stand in their way. The author’s attention to detail is astounding. Plot development using the most creative, imaginative, and intellectual storytelling skills. The depictions of Albert’s extraordinary energy, his Seven Teachings of the Grandfathers, and his efforts to communicate with the Sa’be group have all been excellent. I can’t wait until the next book in the series.

Loved these quotes in the Book:

Not knowing the whys of it would allow everything to stay as natural as possible.

Man fears time; time fears Albert White Feather Pike.

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