Book Review: Life Scripts by Donna Levi

Worth reading

The book is a collection of practical self-help advice, along with workbook/journal prompts after each chapter to help readers to self-evaluate and implement. A must-read for everyone.

Deep, profound lessons on facing life’s challenges with purpose, clarity and balance. Even the little things mentioned in the book can change your perspective of your everyday life.

In this book, each chapter has scripts that start with meaningful quotes, timeless wisdom with practical strategies to approach life and significant relevance to the challenges we all face today. Each Life Script offers easy steps to digest, retain, and implement.

Well narrated, engaging, and embark on a journey to transform the way we see ourselves. Twenty-Five Attributes of Maturity, Types of Waterfall, The Laws – Law of Attraction, Law of Correspondence, the Law of Paradoxical Intent and the Law of Magnetism and also the inspiring stories of Sting and Gabby Giffords stand out in the book.

A perfect and uplifting guide for your personal growth journey.

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