Book Review: Plus Size For The Billionaire by Ruth Stevens

It’s refreshing and motivational. This is not only Alexis’ journey to finding the love of her life, but it’s also her inner journey to realize she deserved to be loved and cared for, and she has to make peace with her appearance and inner fears to live a brighter future she dreamed of.

Alexis’ inner fight, her vulnerability and her insecurities preventing her share true self with the world are remarkable. Those sincere parts help the readers to connect with the protagonist and understand her pain, her struggle and her need for approval.

I loved the genuine chemistry between Alexis and Chris, Tia and Alexis’ friendship, and the supporting characters. Unputdownable read. The author handled so many different aspects of this book amazingly well. The chapters are brief and easy to read. Captivating and heart-warming plot with surprises and shocks.

The author has portrayed each and every character with the utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story and knitted together. Both sides of the story are told to make the readers understand the feelings and emotions that the protagonists go through. Cute moments in the book make you go Awww…

Never let what others say bother you, especially if it doesn’t bother you.

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