Book Review: Intersections by Poornima Manco

An exceptional storyline about four friends, their secrets, betrayal and revenge. Great characterisation with the flawless writing style. I was hugely impressed with the depth and interweaving of plot lines, how expertly the author handles the multiple threads and how well he captures the range of relationships and dynamics between family and friends. I was really impressed with the author’s clever and complex plot.

Each of the four friends has things from the past – and the present – that they are trying to keep from bubbling towards the surface. Each character chooses to accept the version of reality that suits them best.
This book gripped me from the terrifying prologue and kept me hooked till the end. I liked the way it was narrated from the perspective of each character.

The story and the flow will keep you enticed until the end. There are secrets and twists at every turn of the page. The climax is unpredictable.

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