Book Review: His Lucky Angel by Caroline Kribbs


The book focuses on Grace Rogers, the shape- shifter and Ed Kelly, an outlaw with a mysterious past on a mission to capture the killer on the prowl.

Entertaining storyline, great action, intense situations, and fabulous characters make reading this series well worth.

Each chapter is well crafted and you would feel like reading more. The author’s narration and strong characterisation captivate you from the first chapter to the end. Loved the climax and am waiting to read the adventures of this series.

The significance of wind in context to life, the smooth transition of Grace to horse-skin, father-daughter bond, the friendship between Annie and Grace, escape plans, and fondness between Ed and horse Betsy are beautifully depicted.

The lines I loved from the book:

Don’t let jackals chase you from what you deserve. Sure they might be jackals, but you are the wind. Nothing stops the wind for long.

Sometimes it made her wonder, the pain some people were forced to bear. Sometimes loss seemed like the only real certainty in life.

If robbery is punished with hanging, shouldn’t kindness be rewarded with mercy?

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