Book Review: Everything In Between by Valerie G Miller

A heartfelt collection of short stories about family, loss and love, and those special moments in between…

This book is a collection of short stories told in a distinctive style with every story beautifully crafted. The writing is captivating, the characters are believable and the plot has so many twists and turns. Stories of ordinary people, the kinds we are sure to encounter in our daily lives, make the characters relatable. The one thing these stories offer is hope. It is hope that helps us to move forward through the stories of our own lives.

This book encloses all unheard joys, the deepest screams, scattered dreams, particular goals, desperate love, hidden talents, etc. Some stories are emotional and have touched my heart indeed. These 11 stories depict the ongoing development of long-term connections. Each explores the profound themes in a poignant meditation on families in love and loss.

THE PROMISE, PURPLE HONEY, and BOOKMARKED LETTERS are my personal favourites. The book also includes a glossary of Italian terms and the author’s interview.

A series of excellent small experiences woven together philosophically.

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