Book Review: SIDELINED by Susan Salenger

A must-read

This book is an incredibly valuable resource and an eye-opener to all women into the unique challenges women face as they handle their healthcare. Well-researched and elaborately discussed the conflicts between energy and thoughtfulness women put into their healthcare and the amount of regret they expressed. It also includes personal experiences, statistics, history, recommended websites and insightful facts.

This book teaches readers how to:

· Take charge of their health.
· Communicate their medical needs with their doctor.
· Make informed decisions about their healthcare.
· Leave their appointments with answers instead of just questions.

A self-help book which guides you to refill your reservoir of strength, motivation, and hope for possibilities to live a better life. The author talks about women’s fears, convictions and regrets that the readers can relate to and gives a better understanding.

I loved the poem Less of Me . . . But More to Give! by Desireé Daruma and Mylene Ycmat.

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