Book Review: Misadventures In The Screen Trade by Alison Ripley Cubitt

Have you ever wondered what the backstage of glamorous film and television business is like?

Climbing her way up the career ladder, only to fall down again, Alison’s life-changing moment finally arrived when she landed her dream job at Disney. But after a documentary presentation to the masters of animation ended in disaster, the driven young woman refused to let her march to the top miss out on a spectacular finale.

This book takes the readers on the high and lows of her life journey – from childhood memories, family background, education, juggling jobs, passion, insightful tales from backstage, working projects and her misadventures. A remarkable book beautifully written captures the reader’s attention instantly. Her reference to book titles and movies keeps you entertained. Traumatic and distressing times melt your hearts. The author’s sense of humour makes you split into laughter. Her resilient attitude and her learning the lessons the hard way inspires you. I loved the chapter on her Venetian adventure, obit rehearsals and how she handled the terrifying banking strike.

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