Book Review: She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome by Mark Tedesco


In this book, the author takes the readers to wander through the streets of Rome to explore the glories, hidden secrets and magic of the city.

A book that speaks to the heart. Memorable and brilliantly crafted in an easy to understand format. His writing indulges you with the eternal beauty of the city. It includes footnotes, reference websites and poetry. The author’s interviews with street performers and locals were lively and mesmerising. He has an impressive observation of people, places, architecture, paintings and sculptures. Each place has a story to tell. His narrative brings the stories of Rome to life. This book is an invitation to experience Rome in its stories, which give meaning to a monument, a painting, the street performer, the expat, the restaurant owner, and the ghosts of those long dead.

His honest reviews make you want to visit this amazing place and fall in love with the city that educates and enthrals. Highly recommend.

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