Book Review: Sitting On A Pin by Barry Rose

The book ‘Sitting on a Pin’ is a musical memoir by Barry Rose internationally known as one of the leading choir trainers and organists on how he followed his passion for the love of music. Phenomenal storyteller and honesty shine through the book. Well written with beautiful words, insightful, simple to understand and leave a huge impact. You get to know the man, the music and all the people in his world.

The toils, tears, and occasional triumphs of a long musical life are documented in this book with fascinating photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and musical notes making the memoir interesting.

The creative design of the front cover is attractive. The chapters are describing his musical career in years chronologically.

I like this book because it is such an honest delivery of the events and the people that shaped his wonderful career. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes music, or who enjoys an inspirational story.

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