Book Review: Heir Of Blood And Secrets by Linda Xia

Heir of Blood and Secrets will challenge you to consider how far you are willing to go—and what you are willing to sacrifice—to forge a better world. All are capable of heroic things. It’s meant to show girls that they can do cool, heroic things; that they can choose themselves.

The writing style is well crafted to make people relate to the characters mentioned in the book. Strong character development with diverse personalities and perspectives.

It is a fast-paced and immersive plot. The author’s storytelling skills are stunning and make readers relish every suspenseful twist.

The author did a phenomenal job portraying the struggles of the protagonist Syclla – A daughter stepping up to save her father’s legacy. The lessons learned during her mysterious journey are reflective and inspiring.

Both the worlds – The Castle & The Tiers, Friendship, Suspects – their motives and secrets are wonderfully portrayed.

The climax is beyond amazing with shocking twists that surprise you. This book was fantastic!

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