Book Review: Fishing For More by Brett Bloemendaal

Whether you’re looking to find yourself, recreate yourself, or just need a vicarious escape from the tedium of life, this relatable story of adventure is sure to inspire you. A beautiful tale delightfully told.

This is a brilliant memoir by Brett Bloemendaal. It is about memorable days of childhood and beyond than a fishing book. It is well written. The quality of the writing is concise and vivid is outstanding.

A fascinating read of life and fishing adventures keeps you transfixed to every page.

The book evokes a lot of emotions, it made me laugh out loud as well as made me feel wistful.

It is a book more of the mind of a young boy growing up following his passion for fishing – from early childhood through to his adventures as a grown man.

I loved the first fishing journey with dad, an apt description of a busy corporate world, fishing patterns, insightful fishing facts, vivid descriptions of the places, interactions with his clients and the process of learning the skill of fishing

Quotes from the book I loved:

It’s all about balance, give and take. Same thing holds true in the real world.

It’s rather amazing how your mind finds a way to compartmentalize when it needs to focus.

You gotta get out of your own comfort zone

To be successful in fishing is to be successful at meditation by being observant and paying attention.

Life occasionally presents you with opportunities fitting for a situation, and if you don’t take them in that fleeting moment when they’re available, you might never have the chance again.

A magical read full of beautifully constructed sentences that create a story that is engrossing – even if you have never spent any time fishing!

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