Book Review: From Fame To Ruin by Jina S Bazzar

Riveting page-turner

What if surviving a murder attempt, a heartbreak, and the loss of the family business wasn’t the hardest thing you ever faced?

The author’s vivid and commendable writing makes each scene come true to life.

The plot keeps the readers engrossed with fantastic characterisation, storyline, drama, mystery and suspense.

The author is a master at describing complex human emotions beautifully. The plot has been developed really well, with just the right amount of twists and turns. The Story takes a smooth transition between the past and the current happenings.

The author not only embraces a love story but also involves heartbreak and the importance of second chances in a person’s life.

Carol’s rollercoaster emotional journey, determination, and courage are rightly captured.

You can feel the eagerness and excitement while reading and how the mystery unfolds is mesmerizing.

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